All photography artworks are printed and made in Berlin.

There are still some stores that have been taking care of this art form for decades and which do their best to bring the presentation of photography to the highest level.

All artworks are numbered and signed and come with a certificate of authenticity.


I am already familiar with shipping artworks, as several of my works have already been exhibited internationally.

All artworks are insured and can be delivered by express to avoid long shipping times.

However, if you have any concerns or prefer a particular shipping service, please do not hesitate to contact me.

A few additional words that everyone should have heard.

I’m sure most people are already aware that we are in an age of digitalization. Unfortunately, one topic that always falls by the wayside is copyrights.

The reality is as follows, images are often shared on social networks without naming the artist. Instead, sources & artist names are omitted or other profiles are promoted.

The consequences are mostly misinformation about the artwork without the artist noticing anything. Unfortunately, I also had to make this experience very very often.

It is therefore important for us artists to be able to count on support. Comment the images with the correct information and profile links so that things are put right.

Every collector who gets hold of one of my artworks supports me in my projects so that I can continue to create many new photos and present them in exhibitions and books.

What are your future projects?

Images that will move people and get them to think. Images that will stay in their minds.

– LINUS MA / OOBmag Paris